Getting Married In Las Vegas – What You Should Know

Las Vegas definitely has a reputation as being an interesting and somewhat easy place in which to get married. If you are planning on marrying in this beautiful desert city, there are some things you should know before heading for the bright lights.

Pick Your Date Carefully

Las Vegas is definitely a city in which there are plenty of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts to choose from. It might seem like you have endless choices and it couldn't possibly get booked up completely. During holidays like New Year's Eve and even Valentine's Day, it actually can be difficult to book a hotel room here. The strip does get flooded with tourists and many of the hotels either will become fully booked or have very limited accommodations. The same is true of the local restaurants and venues in which you may wish to hold your reception.

Book a Hotel Chapel for Large Weddings

If your wedding will have a lot of guests attending, it might be a wise idea to book a hotel chapel. These venues have packages which include catering, music, cake, photography, and much more. It is also a convenience to you and your guests since it is an all-in-one type of wedding. There is no need to travel from chapel to reception venue. These locations also are large enough to handle wedding with guests numbering into the hundreds.

Unique Or Romantic Weddings

Las Vegas has it all when it comes to weddings. If you are looking to have a romantic wedding within a gorgeous gazebo, there are chapels here that can definitely accommodate you. The city is also known for it's very unique wedding offerings. It is possible to have a simple ceremony in a drive-thru, be married by Elvis or you can work with a wedding coordinator to pretty much make almost any crazy idea you have come true.

Legal Information

Some tourists believe that just because you are in Las Vegas you can simply enter one of the chapels and get married. This is not true. You still need to fill out a marriage application and obtain a license in advance of the big day. It is faster if you apply for the license at least a few days ahead of time and instructions are available online on the marriage bureau's website.

If you are getting married in Las Vegas from another country, check ahead of time for the legal information about getting married in a foreign country. The majority of countries do recognize marriages completed in Las Vegas as legal but you may need additional documentation besides the marriage license to present to your home government. It is best to research what your country may require as proof of marriage.

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