Want To Plan A Traditional Persian Wedding Quickly? What To Do First

If you want to plan a wedding quickly and you want it to be reflective of your Persian or Middle Eastern heritage, you can get it done without having to sacrifice tradition. There are many ways you can get a great and organized wedding, you just have to go through your list accordingly.

You'll want to prioritize your list of things to do. Getting a location and a dress are some of the most important, along with finding someone to conduct the ceremony. Here are a few things to consider.

Buy a Lehenga Online

If you're worried you don't have enough time to get a custom lehenga made for your wedding day, then you can try ordering a piece that's already made online. You can sort through the colors and patterns you desire, and you can have it shipped to you quickly if needed. As long as you have your own seamstress make the necessary modifications, the lehenga should fit properly for your big day.

Find One Ceremony Location and Reception Hall

Once of the most difficult parts of arranging a wedding is finding locations for the ceremony and wedding that are both available on the same days. Instead of trying to coordinate, pick a location where you can host both the wedding and the reception for your guests. You only need one location, and it's more convenient to plan everything in one place.

Book a DJ and a Photographer

Find a DJ and a photographer that are still available for your date. These are the most important vendors that you need for the reception after you have your locations and your dress. You'll want to know that you'll have music for people to dance to, and that you'll have all the pictures you want of your special day. Videographer and florist could be next on the list, but aren't essential.

The decorations, cake, and other items are things that you have a wider selection to choose from when it comes to making purchases and finding vendors. You can do the decorations on your own or pay the hall to do them, and you can get cakes and cupcakes at any local bakery. Even flowers can be easily ordered if you are doing simple bouquets. If you want to put this wedding together in a short amount of time but you wonder how things are going to come together, start with the most important plans and start crossing them off your list. Contact a business, such as gravity-fashion.com, for more information.