Look Like an Expensive Bride Without the High Costs

In a fairy-tale world, you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your bridal apparel to make your beauty as a bride something that no one would ever forget. Want to know a secret? You can still do that. Even if your budget isn't that high, there are many things you can do to look expensive and luxurious without the costly price tag and the unnecessary debt.

Visit a Tailor Shop

Want a custom gown but can't afford the costly design? Don't forget about taking your dress to a tailor. If you purchased your dress from a traditional bridal shop, they probably offer alterations to ensure the dress fits you properly; however, a visit to tailor shop can take things a step further.

A tailor can do everything from altering the length of the dress to changing the length of the sleeves to adding a fabric overlay over certain areas of the dress, such as an overlay of pearl beads or stones. These small additions can transform the look of your dress from straight off the shelf to custom.

Choose a Unique Bouquet

A part of looking expensive is looking unique. If you look like everyone else, this can cheapen your look, so go for one of a kind. As far as your bridal bouquet goes, consider a brooch bouquet from a company such as Fabulous Brooch Bouquets. This style of bouquet is a non-flower option that uses a complementary mixture of baubles and vintage jewelry to create a beautiful design.

For an added flair, you could include accents from the jewelry you're wearing or your dress detail within the bouquet. To add emotional value, you could even include jewelry that holds a sentimental meaning. In addition to adding to your beauty, brooch bouquets last forever, keeping your memories of the day near you always.

Purchase Quality Undergarments

Just like the commonality of your look can affect your appearance, a poor-fitting dress can also play a part. Head to the gym and skip the cookies so that you can fit into your dress, but also purchase quality undergarments.

In terms of flattery and making your dress look like it was made just for your body, a great slip and a great control garment can help you achieve this goal. When you wear these garments, they don't just keep you tucked in; they ensure the dress flows easily, without any extra pull or bunching.

Remember, money doesn't always mean elegance and luxury. Be creative and unique, and you'll look as expensive as ever.