Planning A Private Wedding With A Small Guest List? 3 Tips For Finding The Ideal Venue

When you're in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, one of the first details you're going to need to secure is just how many guests you'll be expecting. If a large wedding isn't in your budget or you simply want a more intimate wedding, your options for venues will change quite a bit.

Smaller weddings don't require nearly as much space as a traditional wedding, along with a number of other changed features, making the following tips helpful for finding the right wedding venue.

Avoid Venues Designed for Large Wedding Parties

The number of guests each venue can hold can vary quite a bit, making it important to have an idea of the size of the wedding you want. Some venues will even have a requirement for minimum guests, making it important to check out the venues available that suit how many guests you intend on celebrating your wedding with.

Smaller venues can even be more affordable, allowing you to save more money for your wedding.

Consider Outdoor Venues for Affordable Options

As you begin to check out all your choices for wedding venues, you may want to start considering venues that are outdoors. Indoor venues often have limits for more guests, leading to you being locked out from a number of venues available. Outdoor venues can be a lot more flexible for the number of guests since you can choose the number of seats to provide.

Venues that are outdoors can also be a more cost-efficient option for holding your wedding.

Keep the Other Desired Features in Mind

From picking out the perfect caterer to checking out your choices for officiators, your options for the vendors can vary quite a bit based on the venue that you've picked. Being careful to check the list of approved vendors at different venues can help make sure that you're getting a good deal on the venue and won't need to sacrifice any of the features that you want for your wedding.

With so many options for wedding venues available to you, it's easy to see how some venues are going to be more affordable and others won't be an option due to the number of guests you intend on having. With the smaller size of your wedding in mind, you can keep the above tips in mind to ensure that your wedding will be enjoyable for the size of the celebration.

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