Are You In Love With The Cottagecore Trend? 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Barn Wedding Venue To Make Your Dreams Come True

When you are planning a wedding, there is something comforting about embracing an aesthetic that nurtures your heart and soul. The cottagecore movement echoes the rustic trends for weddings that you've seen in the past, but it adds a few special touches that inspire a sense of whimsy. Where rustic styles focus on simplicity, cottagecore takes things to a different level by adding the flourish of flowers and other features that create an even more romantic atmosphere for your nuptials. Finding the right place to host your wedding is important, and a barn wedding venue gives you these benefits that will bring out your favorite parts of this growing trend.

Achieve the Look You Want With a Neutral Canvas

The venue that you choose for your wedding should reflect the theme while having enough space that you can set things up exactly how you want. Barns are ideal places to host a cottagecore wedding because they already evoke a feeling of being in the countryside. You'll also find that barns tend to have a neutral look that serves as the perfect canvas for you to fill with all of the decor to make your theme come to life. Fairy lights will twinkle beautifully along a barn-style ceiling, and the exposed wood on the walls and floors will bring out the lovely pastels and floral prints that you use to decorate the space.

Discover Infinite Options for Photo Backdrops

To truly understand cottagecore, all you have to do is picture yourself in a flowing white dress as you stand in a meadow filled with flowers. Or, you might want to snap a photo of you and your partner-to-be standing near a relaxing stream of water. Barn venues have tons of beautiful outdoor spaces where you can tap into that countryside charm. All you have to do is plan your wedding time right so that you can capture that sunset through the trees or the gorgeous glow of string lights as your friends and family send you off to your honeymoon.

Create Space for Wholesome Reception Activities

A barn wedding suite has all of the space you need to get ready for your nuptials and say your vows. You'll also find that this type of venue is also set up for some of those special reception moments that hearken back to times gone by. Just picture the beauty of watching your guests play outdoor games like lawn darts as everyone mingles, or you can set up a garden area where everyone can make their own mini pots of herbs to take home. Whatever your vision for a wedding reception may be, it'll be easy to make come true when you have the space and perfect backdrop to fit your theme.