Want A Beach Wedding? 4 Tips To Guarantee A Smooth Experience

When you get engaged, you may start thinking about how you want your wedding to look. After much deliberating, you might decide on a beach wedding.

Some public beaches allow you to get married without a permit. Other possible scenarios involve getting a permit or choosing a beach venue. Along with picking the right place, you want to consider the unique and impactful ways you can guarantee a smooth experience.

Sunscreen Station

Setting up a sunscreen station where your guests can get sunscreen is a smart move, especially when planning your wedding to last more than a couple of hours. The station will help those who forget about sunscreen to put it on. It will also allow people to reapply sunscreen after several hours.

Depending on your wedding's size, you may want to set up multiple stations to minimize or prevent lines. You can set these stations up in opposite places to avoid guest congestion.

Cooling Station

While sunscreen stations will help with sunburns and skin damage, you can also use cooling stations to keep people comfortable and healthy. You can equip these stations with shade, misters, and ice-cold water to ensure that anyone feeling hot can cool down quickly and easily.

Blocking the sun will make a huge difference in temperature alone. So, you can prioritize large canopy tents to give guests the ability to sit or stand underneath and get relief from the sun.

Acoustic Music

Some weddings use a live DJ or band to provide music for the ceremony and reception. While you can do the same on the beach, you will find live acoustic music less troublesome. The musicians will not need to bring heavy equipment and electronics onto the sand to play music. This minimal kind of setup also reduces the chances of experiencing technical difficulties.

An acoustic band or musician is ideal for a small to a medium-sized wedding because you know all guests can get close enough to hear the live music.

Guest Attire

How you dress at your wedding may reflect the date, time, and location. A daytime beach wedding in the middle of summer is almost guaranteed to feel warm. So, a smart move is to skip the jackets for groomsmen and pick light and breathable dresses for bridesmaids. You can even allow formal sandals to provide maximum comfort for everyone at the wedding.

Guaranteeing a positive and smooth beach wedding is easy to do when using these tips. For more information, reach out to a beach venue provider, such as the Maui Marrying Man.