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5 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Ceremony Starts On Time

Very few people enjoy a wedding that starts more than a few moments past the planned time. Late guests make the bridal couple feel unappreciated, and a late wedding makes wedding guests uncomfortable and bored.  So, how can you help ensure that your wedding ceremony will, in fact, begin on time and be enjoyable for all? Here are 5 tricks to try. Hire Transportation. A wedding limo or executive car isn't just about creating a luxurious feeling on your big day. Read More 

4 Pieces of Advice for a Spring Wedding

If you are thinking about a spring wedding, you need to start planning right now. Spring is right around the corner, and if you want to pull off a spring wedding successfully, you need to get working as soon as possible. Here are a few tips and ideas to incorporate into your spring wedding planning. #1 Embrace Spring Colors First, embrace the beautiful colors of nature for your spring wedding. Spring weddings often use pastel pinks, greens, and yellows. Read More 

Planning A Private Wedding With A Small Guest List? 3 Tips For Finding The Ideal Venue

When you're in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, one of the first details you're going to need to secure is just how many guests you'll be expecting. If a large wedding isn't in your budget or you simply want a more intimate wedding, your options for venues will change quite a bit. Smaller weddings don't require nearly as much space as a traditional wedding, along with a number of other changed features, making the following tips helpful for finding the right wedding venue. Read More 

How to Choose a Great Wedding Venue

If you're starting to organize your special day, get ready for a lot of excitement and planning. You have so many big choices to make as you prepare for your wedding day. One of the biggest choices that you will need to make is picking a great venue. This will be where you say your vows and potentially also where you have your reception. It doesn't have to be difficult to make this choice. Read More 

Look Like an Expensive Bride Without the High Costs

In a fairy-tale world, you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your bridal apparel to make your beauty as a bride something that no one would ever forget. Want to know a secret? You can still do that. Even if your budget isn't that high, there are many things you can do to look expensive and luxurious without the costly price tag and the unnecessary debt. Visit a Tailor Shop Read More