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4 Ways To Ensure An Ultra-Romantic Wedding

If you're in the process of planning your wedding, you've probably noticed that bridal trends have been shaken up significantly in recent years. You may have noticed wedding dresses in colors other than white, dresses with metallic accents, and other breaks from tradition. If you're aiming for a romantic wedding over one that's trendy, however, ignore the latest fads and fall back on traditional standbys. Following are four ways to ensure that you experience the romantic wedding of your dreams. Read More 

4 Ideas For An Inexpensive Yet Beautiful Wedding

While there are a zillion websites and blogs to help you plan your wedding, it can all quickly become overwhelming as you pour over the pages and see just how much work goes into planning even a simple wedding. When you're trying to do it on a limited budget, it can be even more complicated as you try to cover all your bases. Here are four ideas for creating an elegant wedding without spending a fortune. Read More 

Want To Plan A Traditional Persian Wedding Quickly? What To Do First

If you want to plan a wedding quickly and you want it to be reflective of your Persian or Middle Eastern heritage, you can get it done without having to sacrifice tradition. There are many ways you can get a great and organized wedding, you just have to go through your list accordingly. You'll want to prioritize your list of things to do. Getting a location and a dress are some of the most important, along with finding someone to conduct the ceremony. Read More 

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Your Bridal Gown

Shopping for your wedding dress is a wonderful experience and one that you will treasure forever. However, sometimes you can become so overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous dresses that you forget to be logical and think about what dress is best for you. While trying on several wedding dresses is great, try to plan ahead before going to the bridal store so that you can ask yourself certain questions about each dress and see if it is right for you. Read More 

Getting Married In Las Vegas – What You Should Know

Las Vegas definitely has a reputation as being an interesting and somewhat easy place in which to get married. If you are planning on marrying in this beautiful desert city, there are some things you should know before heading for the bright lights. Pick Your Date Carefully Las Vegas is definitely a city in which there are plenty of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts to choose from. It might seem like you have endless choices and it couldn't possibly get booked up completely. Read More